Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Snippet #3: It's an A for A-Line

The fashion houses have spoken. A-line is the new line. What was wrong with the old line? In fact, what even was the old line?

Actually, I do love a bit of A-lineage on a skirt here and there. The sad thing is, I just can't wear it. I'm like an upside-down pear shape, which does not get on with the A-lining. 

Oh, the jealousy. Oh, the pure ADORATION of the gorgeous models at Prada who look oh so Ace in the A-line. Just look how happy model-in-the-middle is!

I love the hair, I love the prints, I love it all. Its like a step back to the 70s with the benefit of hindsight.

Here are some other A-lining skirts which I love.

1. Topshop leather skirt
2. Balenciaga contrasting A-line skirt
3. Another Balenciaga
4. Richard Nicoll cashmere and wool blend maxi
5. Alexander McQueen wool-crepe maxi

These nicely bring me onto another trend - LEATHER. We all wear leather shoes and carry leather bags. Why not make it more of a feature? Out for a drink the other night in my not-so-fashion-forward town, I saw a girl wearing the topshop number above. A skinny minnie, she looked amazing. She teamed the leather a-liner with a loose sleeveless tan-mustard shirt buttoned to the top. Could wearing a leather skirt even be considered as environmentally friendly? Leather has got to have a certain amount of durability. Not sure how the cows feel about it though.
For any vegans out there, the no.2 Balenciaga is made from wool, cotton, silk, acetate, and a teeny bit of polyamide, which creates a beauuutiful sheen somewhat akin to a shiny piece of leather. 

If only I could afford it all.. Sigh!

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